AKA-Dog Z....AKA-ZILLA....AKA-Mister Z

Look at the size of this Kibble !!

What's this Green Stuff ?

This place is BIG !!

On my own---This is as close to a "STACK" as you're gonna get !

So this is a Hill !

Hey...there's dirt under here !

WOW...more dirt here too !!

I Love hunting !

Think I'm on to something !

Mom said I can't go past the wire !

Good "Stack" or I'm "POINTING" HA HA !!

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!


These hills are fun !

Think I smell FOOD !!!!

LOOK----I CAN FLY !!!!!!!

Ahhhhh-----back to the house.


Thanks for stopping by. This little one is BEAUTIFUL !!!!

Dogzilla has gone to his Forever home. He will be going hunting and have free run around the property. We wish Dogzilla a HAPPY and HEALTHY and LONG Life.



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