I can see everything from the patio door!

They must be on break, but I'll sniff them out!!

And I want that sand here, soft for Digging!

Get these bags off my lawn!!

Ahh! My favorite blades!!

Yes, I'm grumpy!!

It's not easy being " The BOSS! "

They may be slow, but it's looking better!

Can someone get the lights?


Don't worry about it. It's not a ball. It's a tool for checking how level the floor is!!

Yes, I'm Barking orders. Where's my WATER??

This needs more work!

My personal shower!

Don't be scared, come in!

Think one Skylight is enough?

I want this insulated.


.....to Bottom!!

Think I'll put the Waterslide here!!

This sand is my play area!

Hey, Mr. Moon is out!

Hi Carly!

Just a snooze...zzzzzzz

Don't think I'm happy........

.....My Ship's still in Dry-dock!!!!!

The two on the left better not let Carly catch them goofing off!

OK, the stone matches my Coat!

Insulated just like I said!

Lets try out the AIR!!!!!

Where did they go?

I thought I told them to clean this up!!

I love this Blonde floor!



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