At this time, we'd like to offer a Personal "Thank You" to everyone who has visited Jordan's website, and also those who have sent us pictures of their Furry Companions to make this a big success. Goldens can teach us many things and I've learned a lot from Jordan.

We like making people smile and what a better way to get it done by showing the antics of our Goldens. It's fun to capture those funny moments and share with others. Our house is like a circus at times. When It's too quiet, Jordan goes down the hallway and thinks of things to get into, like going in the closet and bringing out a new pair of shoes. Then it's "Keep-Away" time! It's hard going through life with your side hurting from laughter! "Just kidding"!

We hope you enjoyed your stay, and come back often. You never know what we'll come up with next!





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