I found someone to Love me.

Well girl, are you ready to go home with me?


We are very Proud to say that Judy has driven hundreds of miles to adopt this little girl. Currently Tess is undergoing treatments for Heartworm. Tess will be with Cassie, Judys other Golden. Judy will have a Special place in my heart...I too have rescued my Payton and I belong to a Rescue..G.R.I.N.

Thanks for letting us show off your Precious Goldens.


WOW..What a Home!

Oooohhh Pictures !

Play...Anyone !

Smile !!

Me and Cassie

OOhh..I Love this Playing thing !!

Three Precious Girls !!

Blondes really do have more FUN !!




Puppy SNOW !!

Where's my Tire ?

Love that Sun !

Woof ! I'm a "GRAD"

Did you see my Rope?

Getting to know each other.

Playing tires you out !!

OK, this is the last stick. Move the ship!



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