Old Tessa's Melody
May 29, 1994......December 16, 2006


I recently recieved this email..............

I wanted to let you know that my sweet Tessa-Girl went to the Bridge Saturday morning.

Rick had been playing a computer game upstairs on Thursday evening, and had carried her upstairs with him, because when he is home, no one else exists and she follows him Everywhere! When he got done she was sleeping soundly so he came downstairs. Well, a few minutes later she followed and fell down the steps to the first landing. We have been watching her closely since then, but she has not wanted to eat or drink much at all, and was super slow getting up to go outside.

She and I did go for a nice easy walk out in the yard yesterday, just wandered around sniffing things and I think she was just saying good-bye. As the day wore on yesterday she got much weaker and still would not eat. Rick stayed downstairs with her overnight and had to take her out twice, the second time she couldn't walk back in the house by herself.

Dr. Burk came out to our house this morning and we sent her to the Rainbow Bridge. Kendra and Bryce both got to say their good-byes, but Renee and Layne were out of town. I know that Layne will be very sad that her Tessie is gone.......

We know that Tessa is in a better place now. We know that she has no more pain. We know we gave her a GREAT life...and she returned that back to us 1000 fold....

Her spiritand gentleness is what lead us to Love Golden Retrievers, and for that I thank her.

Tessa on the far right...with the family.

Rick just got home from hunting with all the new SCENTS !!

Notice who gets petted first...TESSA !!


Respect your Elders.

One of the HARDEST pages for me to do. I have grown FOND of this fine Golden Family.



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