October 26, 2003----September 22, 2004


Here is an email I recieved from Dianna--I just lost him Mike within the last half hour. My Beautiful Boy is gone. He's not suffering any longer, but I am!!! He died in his favorite place, in the backseat of my car.

We have lit our candle for Telly to light his way to Rainbow Bridge

This is one of the hardest things I must do. Sometimes you become a Family of friends and when this happens it really touches your Heart. The pain of losing your best friend is something that will never go away, and it shouldn't. Keep the loving memories alive. All of us are here for you during this time of sadness.

Many thanks to TW for jumping right in and doing the picture. Telly is in our Hearts and In our Prayers and is WELCOMED at the Rainbow Bridge where the pain is nevermore and will be waiting for us to arrive.

From all your friends.......Names will be added as they come in.

TW, Scorpio, Kimm, Jeter's Mommy, Kiragirl, Golden Lover, Torrie and Buddy, Wendstress, Jo Ellen, RKD, Alisa, Golden Girl, AG, Kimber & Marley, Laurie and Holly, GR's Forever, Rex and Lil's Momma, Golden Boys, Makena, 3 Goldens, Boomers Mom, Kathy and Finn, Lindsey's Goldens, SBG, Charlie, Goldensonly, Hooch, Laxhound, KatieScarlettsMom....





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