Hot weather got you down? Feeling like a Rag-o-muffin? Follow us !!!!!

This WAS a Green Ball !!

This MAY...Dye my fur GOLDEN !!!!

Ahhhhh.....Cool Belly !

When the music STOPS..................

Ma!!!!!!!! Artica is sticking her tongue out at me !!!!

Why do I have to Mow the lawn ?

If I can get a little more water out there,,,the Grass is too wet to Mow !!

Hey....We have to rest some...TIME !!

Honest DAD........Artica did It !!!!!!!!!!

Shhhh !!! DAD gave up on the Lawn.

The water looked clean to me !

Yup...looked clean to me too !!

Big guy gets the Big Pool !

Here's my Green Ball !

Any Treats? Swimming makes us HUNGRY !

Can we get some of this water back in the pool ?

If we ALL get in.....The water level comes back up. TEAMWORK !!

I'm not done yet.

I'll SLEEP good tonight !!!




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