This is NOT an Old Lady's Hat!!!!!!!!

Look Megs, I can see Dad through the lens!!!!


Smiles and Laughs on this page are brought to you by the Famous Kreider GOLDENS, Eli and Meggie

Just in and hot off the press 3-12-06. As you know, Meggie has gone to Rainbow Bridge and Eli is going it alone for the moment. The debate is still going on, but there just may be a little girl coming in the future. We're all praying for this one.

Well..look what we have here. Presenting our New STAR..."ADDY". Carolyn is already dressing her up and she is doing soooo well. We always wondered what was in that "POT".....Tennis Balls !!!! You all remember Eli as the Clown that he is. Did you all know Eli is "Banned" from the kitchen ? Yup...he dispenses Ice Cubes from the refrigerator all over the kitchen floor. I'm sure he'll be teaching Addy all the new tricks...LOL! March 16th 2007.

Us too!!

Haley and Savannah


Another of Holly and Lita...just can't resist this pose !!

Jazz wants to know why the tie is on the head?

Jules likes the hat much better...Eat your heart out Jazz !

Ferdie,Katie,Columbus,Izzy and Magellan

The next four pictures are the Eberly Goldens.


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