Faith & June Lilly


Quick, I can't hold this pose much longer !

But I like it here !


Anybody seen my Pink Blanket ?

Hey, Don't push !

Think she'll know we went swimming ??

Think she knows I love this ?

So that's what perfume is !




In Mom's own words: I want to introduce you to Okley. He's six months old and June Lilly's littermate. He's living with a wonderful family that adores him and spoils him in every way. We meet every Friday morning for their weekly romp in the beach while my daughter takes her surfing lessons.

Okley is very special to us. He was too tiny when he was born. he weighed only 4oz at birth. We thought we were going to lose him but I decided I was going to do everything in my hands to help him live. We made a homemade incubator and fed him with an eyedropper until he was ready to eat from his mom. We kept him warm, we gave him love, we gave him all our attention and he made it. He's very loving, not hyper at all, soo mellow. He loves to be in his new mom's lap and watch TV together. And even when he's not with me anymore, he was the last pup to go, so I still think he remembers. He licks my face clean everytime he sees me and wags his tail so hard I think It's going to drop!!!

Well, he's a part of our family too and I wanted to tell you his story. Hope you like it.

Thanks so much for sharing this with me and Jordan. You truly have a Golden Heart.

Mike and Golden Jordan

Let me know when the Surf's up !

What Sea Shells ?

Nice cool floor !


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