And they gave me THAT Music ! Poor Fletch !

I know. I know. It looks like I've been out all night !


Someone say DINNER ?

We need a PAW-TY !

Hey Fletch...the little girl is trying to get in on our treats !!!!

Awwwww...It's MONDEGO

Hey MOM. I got my own pillow!

The GReat outdoors !

Well, Don't just stand there...THROW IT !

They don't get any CUTER than this.

I BEG to differ !

Anyone got a foot for me ??

MOM..your shadow is covering my foot!


HE HE HE...I'll think of something !

Naps are good !

Did I hear a shutter click ?


Well..What can we get into Fletch ?

LOVE these afternoon NAPS !

Where's the TREATS ??

That's All..FOLKS !




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