Ohhhhh, that feels good!

Can I sit next to you at dinner?

Honey, I'm having a Golden Time!!

They do the dishes too?

But Jordan, It's all gone!

Lap Goldens!!

Think I have new friends!

They want the Hat!!

You're staying with us Jerry.

You're not going anywhere, I got my Paw on you!

OK, Who's next?

Ohhhhh, that feels good!!

Don't stop!!

Seal of "APPROVAL"

Eat your Heart out!!

I'm staying right under foot!!


Needless to say, Jerry's terminal is only 5 miles from our house. He will be stopping by throughout the year to visit us. He will be able to be with us during his lay-overs and we can get together to sit and relax. We'll be hearing the horn everytime he drives by our house on the interstate as we can see the highway. We have an Open Door Policy and will be seeing Jerry regularly as he is up this way most of the time. We talked for hours tonight and feel as if we have known each other for years. Jerry's passion for Goldens shows in the preceeding pictures. He got to call home to talk with his wife and she was just as thrilled as Jerry was. It was hard to let him go tonight, but we know that he'll be back.


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