Boy, am I exhausted!!

Shift change!!

Hey, somebody let me in!!


What a wonderful way to wake up on a beautiful Sunny Sunday Morning!! Here is the email I recieved..............


Well, we have had quite the day today. River gave birth to 5 male and 6 female pups today. Labor started about 10:30am Saturday morning with the first birth at 11:00 and the last at 5:08pm. Mother and pups are doing GReat. I am a little tired LOL. She kept me up all night last night thinking we were going any minute and when I finally decided it was time for a nap, she sensed it. LOL

Here are the first pictures of the pups taking their first feeding after all the excitement had wore off for them. They are not all in the picture as River works them in shifts so she has some of them pushed back behind her on the heating pad waiting their turn.

As they now look as if they are settled into a GReat routine and are sleeping I think I will do the same.

Hope this finds everyone well, sleeping so you can get up and enjoy this morning surprise and head out for a GReat Sunday.


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