Riley and Kady's Dad

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When hurricane Frances came to town, she didn't know she would meet up with a more Powerful Authority. After much urging from friends to leave town and get out of harms way, Pastor Bob said "No, when this is all over, the people will need me" Well, he packed up what he could and moved his Family and Riley and Kady to the Church. Between rain bands, he would go out with his Goldens to do their duty. At one point during the storm, the door was opened and one of the Goldens went out and Bob, not thinking about his safety, ran out to get him back. The next thing he knew, the other one went out and now all three of them were out in the hurricane. They all made it back safely to the confines of the Church. As he looks back now, he said it must have been a funny sight to see them running outside. Some damage was done to his house but they were all safe in the confines of the Church. I had called Bob during the storm to see if they were OK and he told me when it was over he would send me some pictures of his Goldens. We are honored to have them as part of our Family.

Did anyone save the cushions?

What, me worry?

Storms wear me out!

Notice the pillow says "Let it snow" ?

Proud moment.

So this is a Pine Cone!


OK, we love Puppies!!

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Pastor Bob sent us a slide show but we have picked it apart so everyone could take their time viewing the pictures. These are from Frances and since he has survived yet another one, Jeanne!!



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