Here's an Email I recieved from Payton's Mom.............


I just got a Scanner so I will be able to send you more pictures of Payton as a puppy. Until I find time to do so, I thought you would enjoy this one. We were told to keep a leash on him at all times for when he would start "chewing" the furniture we could lead him away. He enjoyed using the skirt on our couch for a chew toy!

Do you think it would be ok if someday Thomas and I came over for a visit? Thomas misses him and asked if he could see him. He enjoys knowing Payton has a buddy in Jordan.

Let me know what you think,
Give him a hug from us.


Thomas is an Extraordinary young man. After being bitten by a dog, what Child would worry about the dog's well being? This is one request I could Not deny, and IS the Hardest thing I ever had to do.

When they came in, Robin brought Treats, Medicated shampoo, and a prescription spray for dry Itching skin. At first with the tail wagging, jumping and barking, Thomas huddled in the corner.

At first, Thomas was maybe a little scared but was happy to see both of them.

Thomas showed the boys the treats he brought for them.

Payton and Jordan were very Happy to have them here.

They were so happy when they got their treats.

Thomas was so Happy to see his "Old" Friend.

Jordan started "working" Thomas over to win his Heart.

It seemed to be working.

Payton loved getting petted by Mom.

Meanwhile, Jordan was still working on Thomas.

Jordan decided to give Thomas a " High Five "

That got a scratch under the chin.

Payton wanted a scratch too!

We were starting to feel a little more comfortable now.

Couple more treats should do it!

These guys aren't so bad after all!

Jordan has captured Thomas' heart.

All good things must come to an end.

It's time for "Good-Byes"

This truly Breaks my Heart. It looks to me like Payton is crying. This may have been hard for Payton but I couldn't deny this meeting. We are so Happy to have Payton with us as he is well LOVED and taken care of. Goldens are very Adaptable and he will survive just fine. This will be the Hardest page for me to see, but these cherished Memories will last forever. Thomas will be able to know that Payton is getting the BEST, and will be Loved FOREVER.

Jordan and Payton will be running together forever.

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