Presley with the family

Just relaxing!

Earlier times of Presley's favorite place and toys.


Presley has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. He is sadly missed by his family. "Have I told you lately that I love you" was Presley's favorite song and Mom used to sing it to him all the time. We are honored to be able to show you this Beautiful Golden, and Presley will have a home here for all to see this beautiful Golden and to think back of all the good times and Golden Moments that were shared.

Mike and Jordan

Presley is on the left and Jordan on the right. Robin pointed out that they sure do look alike. I must agree it is remarkable !!!


Robin, Presley's Mom

When Presley was about a year old, we lived in a duplex apartment and we shared the backyard with our neighbors. On Trash day, we took the trash out back to where our yard met the alley-that's where it was picked up.

It was an event....Presley always knew when I was getting the trash together !

So this particular night, we took the trash out and he wandered around in the alley...something was making funny sounds-but it wasn't a sound I had ever heard...and it was dark out si I really didn't see what he was up to. I never worried that he would run away and he always knew when I was heading back in the house.

So, he comes slowly walking around to my vision and he just looks funny...and as he gets a little closer, I can see he has something in his mouth ! OH NO! I started telling him to DROP IT-LEAVE IT..nothing was working ! And it was very odd for him to disobey me.

As I said, it was dark out...and whatever he had in his mouth was really small ! Even when he got in front of me, he wouldn't drop it until I put my hands out for, against my better judgement, I did it...

And into my hands he dropped the tiniest kitten I had ever seen in my life ! No fur..It's eyes weren't even open !

We took the kitten back in the house and I turned on the heating pad on low...and Presley and I stayed up all night with it !

The next day, we took it to Presley's vet, and she said, "Robin, don't get attached to this cat. She probably won't live. She probably is the runt of a wild litter and the mom threw he out...but here's a dropper and some formula just in case"...and off we went.

Presley took to this kitten like he was the mom...picking her up in his mouth and carrying her everywhere. And she nested in his belly ! He NEVER ler her out of his sight !

Well, one day I noticed the kitten trying to nurse off Presley ! Yay ! So I got the dropper and we were off.

As the kitten began to grow and become strong, heer and Presley were inseperable ! When I would let Presley out, she'd (oh, her name is Kirby) would walk down the steps and wait at the back door for him...They became the very best of friends.

When Presley died, there was about a 3 day period of when he left our home untilI brought his ashes home..and for those three days, she wandered the house looking for him.

The ashes were wrapped in heavy duty plastic, then put in a beautiful blue velvet bag, then put inside of a cardboard box. I walked in the house and since I wasn't ready to look in the box, I set it on the dining room table. I went and made some coffee and when I cane back, Kirby was sitting on top of the box ! When I tried to take the box, she hissed and growled at me ! She wouldn't leave the box or let me touch it !

After I finally got the blue velvet bag out of the box (which, I threw the box away) she wouldn't leave the bag for the whole next day.

Everyone tells me that she somehow knows that it's Presley. I can't figure it out. But it was amazing to me...

Presley's ashes are still in the bag in my bedroom..and every once in awhile, I'll find Kirby lying on my dressed right next to it.


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