Petey, on the left, just had surgery to remove his Spleen because of Cancer. We just found out this morning, Feb. 20th, 2005, Petey may have had a Stroke and is being rushed to the Vet. We are all hoping everything will turn out ok. Here are some pictures of the Better times.

Now, this is my kind of weather!

We're just a couple of Happy Guys!

Hey, where's our Presents?

Nothing like a cool drink and some warm sun!

Is that a Kodak?

Stuffed toys are always Favorites!

Why does he always get the chair?

Ahhhhh, My turn!

I take my toys all over with me.

Nothing like good Chew Toys!

I don't care if you are Santa, just try to take them!

I feel sleepy.

Love this bed!

Do we have to have them all?

Hey, One's missing!


Look at this White Stuff!

Hey, there's some up here too!

Where's Barney?

Our favorite place!


Got my Shin Guards on for Soccer!

Don't you just hate it when it rains!

We could play all day!

My Heart belongs to you.....but the Chocolates are MINE!!!!

What's this white stuff?

Hurry, clean it up!

I'm telling you, It's Mine!

Never leave home without it!

Nothing like a "Bedtime" snack!

Good Night everyone. Thanks for visiting us.


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