We'd like to welcome home M. M's. Payton as a new family member. Payton's story is sad, but with a happy ending. We got a call one Saturday morning about a Golden that had bit the family child and was in confinement and was going to be put to sleep. I found that hard to believe and had to go visit this Golden. We spent some time with him and found it hard to believe. Well, I just couldn't let that happen. Jordan went to see him and they got along beautifully. The owner was contacted, and graciously turned Payton over to Jordan and I. The owner was in tears knowing that Payton was getting a home and would live out his life in happiness. This first day, we happily played and took rides in the SUV, many friends had to come out to see Payton and pet him. He even gave a lady a good kiss. Family members have even come over our house to see Payton, which he cheerfully greeted. PLEASE welcome Payton as an OWNER with Jordan to "Good as GOLD"

Love this park!

This is just GReat!


I do take GReat pictures!

Be sure to get both sides!

Nothing like a good belly rub!

Don't miss any spots!

OK, we're ready to go home!

Nice place you have here, Jordan!

I got to meet Scott, he even took me to his room!

Just a little rest!

Jordan let me play with his duck!

Love this carpet!

Better see what Jordan's doing!

WOW! What a table!

Lets chew some bones!

I'm very alert!

Every throne has it's guards, even the other throne!!


Why do they always take my side???

At your service!

Homemade Frosty Paws, Mmmmmmmmm!!

"Three Amigos"

But we're hungry!

Try this Payton, they're GReat!!

Payton has to be the "First" getting the paper!

Jordan likes to take his time!!!!

Thanks all for visiting!!





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