Your nose is cold too!

So this is snow!!

This stuff is slippery!

This is like a heater!

I'm NOT giving up this bed!!!

I'll show you how to dig under!

Do I want the rope?

What are they doing now?

WOW! What a scent!!!!

I'm getting better looking!!

But I like BIG Paws!

Here I come, ready or not!

This is great carpet!

That flash is bright!!

Mug shot!!

Find your own spot!

Nah nah, nah, nah nah nah!!

You talkin' to me?


No, it's not the same pose!

Play mode!!!!

Does she know I Love this?

And this?

Did anybody notice I get bigger from top to bottom?


We'd like to thank our new Golden Friend Robin, from The Cottage Coffee House, for sending us the pictures of her Beautiful Molly.

Mike and Jordan


We have some new pictures of Molly who will be nearing 9 months on August 8th.

I'm not that dirty!

Well, maybe a little!

I clean up GReat!!


Proud American!

Cool floor!

Want to play?

I LOVE this duck, thanks Mom!




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