LOGAN 15 1/2 yrs. MEGGIE 9 1/2 yrs.



LOGAN and MEGGIE are from OHIO. They have made a BIG HIT here in ILLINOIS. People at the park have been coming up to me and asking about them. Everyone is amazed how beautiful they are and how they dress up for pictures. Maybe some day I can convince Mom and Dad to come to visit us with these two beautiful GOLDENS !! This page is becoming popular very fast!! We will add more as the new pictures come in.


I have just found out some sad news. LOGAN has cancer and my heart is saddened. Could everyone who visits this page say one little prayer for LOGAN? After holding him in my arms and getting plentiful licks, I have a fond place in my heart for him. This will probably be the one big thing that I will ask of anyone who visits the site. Your prayers are very much welcomed and you have a Personal THANK YOU from me and JORDAN.

Mike and JORDAN

Logan is doing much better now thanks to Mom and Dad's help and the Vet.

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