Get up Dad, I think I saw the Easter Bunny!

Sometimes I have to sit on him to get him up!

I thought that was you!!

Now, about those eggs!!!!!!!!!!

Don't let this happen to you!! Run and hide!!

When Dad wakes up in the morning, He'll be wearing them!

Ah! Puppy treats are in this one!!

All Mine!!

Five, six, seven,..............

Just enough to make a Golden Girl Happy!


Well, what do we have here?

He's holding a card!

There's a bunny in the back!

Wow, is he soft!

Get the goods.......

.....and run!



Happy Easter from Carly and Jordan

What we have to go through!!!

At least you got the Carrot!!

With all the eating going on, a Guy has to be prepared!!




Lily and Rex

We'd like to welcome our newest friends, Lily and Rex. Mom tells us this is a picture of them after the Peach Bowl Parade 2004. 60 Goldens walked! She says, "Fortunately we did not have a lot of Goldens looking for homes so we walked our own dogs!" It was Great fun! The teams playing were Auburn and Tennessee. It was a sea of GOLD!

I'm sure Lily and Rex want to wish everyone a, " GOLDEN EASTER " We're also very Happy they had to walk their own Goldens because to us that means most Goldens are rescued and already have Great homes to be in. YEA!!

Mike and Jordan

Hey Lily, Want to stay for the Game?




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