May 2, 2004


Dad wanted me to sleep, but I started my day getting the paper at 5:30am.

My friends met me at the park.

Zak wants to run with the ball.

Which way?

Always check out the can!

Now what did Zak find?

Hey you guys, get over here!

Here we come!

Hey guys, smell this!

Someone say treats?

What's going on over there?

You guys are in trouble!

Just try and get it!

All right, who dropped the ball?

No, No, we have to get in front of the net!

Well, so much for the net!

Someone say Squirrel?

Look! We have the humans laughing!

Someone say Watermelon?

Wow! This is good!

Keep it coming!

You want more?

This little piggy..........

My goodness, It never ends!

You guys are starting to look like Watermelons!

Did somebody burp?

Well, Mr. Ball...............

Hey, Jim has treats!

Look how good we sit!

Will you be back tomorrow?

Me and Dad went to the Puppy Store and I got this new Duck!




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