Hannah's Mom Darcy sent us these fabulous pictures of Hannah with her Pups. Excuse me, the puddle on the floor is my Heart! I was told that Number 13 was stillborn. We are so, so, sorry. The song playing is Never Ending Love, and that tells the Truth about a Golden.

More good news! Diane also told me that the other Golden that was rescued from Indiana went fishing with his new owner yesterday. We sure have some Beautiful people out there!!!

Wait, there's more!! Hannah is Ozzie's Mom. Looks like Ozzie will be busy seeing all his Relatives, whenever he can break away from Buddy!!

Under Mom's Watchful Eye!

OK, next six step up!

We are really Thrilled! Darcy has told me that she will update us on the pup's progress as they grow up so come back from time to time and see what's happening.

Breaking news!! We just got this email from Darcy:

FYI--I was the one who rescued the last dog (Comet) from Indiana. He is doing Fantastic!! Is back up in Minnesota fishing. He came home for a couple days, and now will be spending the next month up there. They have never had to use the leash with him. He stays right by "daddy" at all times. Is sleeping in the bed between the two of them. They could not ask for a better dog than him---they are just thrilled with him!! He is such a beautiful dog too. I was really tempted to keep him myself, but just couldn't. I offered to take him back if things didn't work out with his new family and was told it would be a fight to the death if I tried to get him back!! He is such a perfect fit for his new family. If I can get them to send me a picture of him I will forward it on to you. I'm not sure if they have a digital camera though. That whole situation just infuriated me though. I'm really glad I went and got him and that he is where he is. The big spoiled baby!!!!!!!!!!

Well, We got another email and Darcy found some pictures for us to enjoy. Our "Hat's off" to Darcy. She is definitely "Top Dog" on our site!!

Comet with Kevin, and Comet with Hannah

People DO Care!!!!



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