Tessa, Cooper, Gretchen, Hannah, Heather

Ahh, There's no place like Home!

Cheaper by the Dozen?

Did you guys know we're NOT Tied??

Tough guy, HUH?

Not so tough now, are ya?

Ahh, soft carpet!

Welcome to "The Nut House"

Look, I can Pose!!


Where did Heather go?

Tail Feathers?

No MOM, I'm not on the sofa!

What in the world is this thing?

I can't find my toys!

Did anyone see my ball?

Now, this is what I call a spread!

Always did like GOLD!

You wash, I'll dry!!

Stop and smell the flowers!

Can I have one more pillow?

Is she coming?

Yeah, and with the camera!!

OH NO!! More Group shots!!!

OK, now lets get one standing!

Is this gonna take Long?

Feels good to relax

OH, A Camera!



Eat your Heart out, I'm a Doll !!!!

Thanks for visiting, Time for a Nap!


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