Hi, I'm Gary's BUDDY!


Buddy was found wandering the streets when picked up by the Animal Control. He was covered with mats and really looking Pitiful ! Gary just so happened to arrive at the Pound that day looking for a life long Friend. He fell in love with Buddy, but was told that Buddy had to stay for 7 days to see if the Owner was looking for him. After that he would be destroyed. Gary couldn't let that happen. He wanted Buddy right from the moment. He was told if no one claimed him, he could have Buddy after the 7 days were up. Gary visited Buddy for the next 7 days straight to let him know that someone CARED. Well, the time was up and Gary got Buddy. The First thing Gary did was take Buddy to the Vet and the Groomer. Buddy is the most Beautiful Golden you would want to meet! The very first thing we talked about at the park was to NOT let Buddy have ProHeart6 !! Gary assured me that that would never happen.

I can see the LOVE in both of their eyes and is such a good feeling to see TWO TRUE Golden Hearts together. Gary is now a Member of the ELITE group to rescue a Golden Heart and you will find Buddy, Jordan and Payton running together at the park almost daily. Buddy will be introduced to all of Jordan and Paytons Golden Pals at the park. Looks like we have our own GOLDEN HEAVEN !

Buddy now rides "In Style" in Dad's new Mercury Navigator...last two pictures.


I Love going for rides in the boat. Dad got me this Life Vest!

It's GREAT to be LOVED !

I met Jordan and Payton at the Park

We had lots of fun hanging out together!

Wait for me, Payton !

Think the Rabbit was here ?

Now where did they go ?

Hey Payton, What's in here ?

Here I come !

Look !!

Three Tail "Waggers"

Hey Gary, a little more to the Left!!

Hey, What's going on ?

Do you smell that ?

Are you taking pictures?

One of my good sides, LOL!

Another one !

How's this for a "Close Up" ?

Is that the sun coming out?

Be quick, I Love to run !

I'll follow the scent!

Hey Gary, Me next..Me next !!

Well Buddy, You want this ball?

Well, Time to go!

See you again!




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