From our Golden Stars


Eli, Meggie, and Denny.

Who have been keeping us in constant laughter with their antics and their willingness to dress up. Eli has been banned from the kitchen because he learned to dispense Ice Cubes from the Fridge thus creating puddles on the floor. In all my excitement, I failed to mention that Denny was Past President of G.R.I.N Rescue. They have helped many homeless Goldens find Forever homes. ELI is a G.R.I.N. Golden and continues to Amaze everyone with his Intelligence!

BB King, Maggie and Tommy

BB King kissing Cruze ( BB's Son ) Tommy and Maggie

Grandma Audi (in background), BB King and Cruze

Surrounded by GOLD, Tommy has to have the biggest Golden Heart in the world! Tommy will drive to the ends of the earth with his willingness to help. There is more to Tommy than I can say, he has his hands full, but never complains.

Zero and David

Now, here's a Happy Guy. David takes Zero sailing, to the Yacht club and really knows how to enjoy life. I'm told that Zero rides a surfboard. This really tells the truth that, "Blondes really Do have more Fun" We just got this new picture of Zero and we just can't resist those EYES!!!!!!

Buddy and Dave

Besides being a great NASCAR Fan, Dave is another person with a Golden heart. Dave and his wife drove hundreds of miles to rescue Buddy when they found out his owner didn't want Buddy anymore. Buddy loves his toys and has them all out in the room with him. When they're put away, Buddy will go and bring them all out again. You can't help being in constant laughter!!

Carly and Joe

Hang on to your Hat! This has to be the GOLD of all GOLD! Carly can be seen with Joe cruisin on the boat with her name on it! Carly's friends even come over on a Pontoon boat to see her. Also known as "The BOSS" Carly is supervising construction on the new addition. The family is in constant laughter with her antics. And to top it off, Joe had a surprise party for his wife and really surprised her when Carly showed up at the Banquet hall. GReat going Joe, truly a man of Wonders!

Pedro and ?

My, my, what do we have here? This guy is a REAL SLEEPER! He tells his wife that he's not that interested in the goldens and the hair etc,. I think we know better, his heart has melted. Jordan says he belongs here and he's a pretty good judge of Character, after all, you can't fool a Golden. We don't know for sure, but this may be June Lilly! In any case, "Can't you hear my Heart Beat?"


That, That, That's ALL FOLKS!!
for now!

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