aka...Chili Man

Go ahead, Laugh. It's worth more than your LEXUS!

This looks Comfy!

This Golden sure is soft!

I'm over here!

Hey, I want OUT!


Why did they get a Blue one?

Take That!!

I'm watching you!

Hi, Mr Rope!

Puppy Dreams!

Oh no, Bath Night!

What's the stick doing in the tub!

The cat did it!

Where's the pillow?

It's, Mr Sun!

Riding with DAD!

Mom's Cooking!!

I LOVE Fall!!

Where's that Snowman?

Look! I have a White Beard!

Do you need this tube?

My, what big Paws you have!

My kind of Country!

Where's the Water?


Look what I found!

You've heard of "Flying Squirrels" !

Watch out for that Mud Puddle!!

What's this thing?

Does it Bite?

Lets call it Flipper!


I'm telling you, It jumped at me!!!


Got too close!

So this is Wading!!

Glad I wore Dad Out!

Nobody gets past without taking me!!

I love the fall colors!

Nice warm sun!

What a nice Day!

Wanna play Ball?

Hey, where's my Stick?

Ahh, reminds me of Mom, Fresh and Sweet!


Thanks everyone for visiting my page. I hope you enjoyed my little corner of the world.





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