Eye of the Tiger

"RUFF" Housing

A young Chocolate Lab squares off against Chaz, the reigning Champion.

The bout has barely begun, when there's a commotion. Two dogs from the 100-yard chase event have veered off-course and into the tug arena! Narrowly avoiding a full body collision, the Shepherd mix vaults over the surprised Golden.

Chaz exploits the distraction and runs off with the rope! The Winner!

The vanquished Lab hangs around to watch the next bout.

The contender: a seasoned Golden mix with a passion to win.

The two opponents trade insults, and tempers flare.

The mix gaines ground with a solid lurch to the left.

Ignoring all rules, the Lab runs back into the arena and makes a play for the rope. The crowd eggs them on. (Note the Pug entering the frame.)

The crowd surges closer! The officials call for security!

In a decisive move, Chaz yanks away the rope, Infuriating the Golden mix! A crazed fan darts onto the field! Security swarms the arena! The contestants scatter!

When the confusion clears, the fan is seen running away from the arena with the rope!

Word has it that he later sold it on eBay.


We'd like to Thank Chaz' Mom for writing this sequence and allowing us to have it here on our site. And now, off to see the training..........................

OK gang, are you ready to keep up?

No falling behind!!

Keep moving!!

Hey...get the LEAD out !!!

Don't slow me down !

Anyone seen those "Slowpokes?"

Here they come !

Being a "Leader" has it's Rewards !

Go away...I'm tired !!


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