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Eli and Meggie, the famous Kreider Goldens

The ANTE is 2 bags of Premium food and 2 boxes of Treats !


OK Megs, turn on the charm. We're helping the Goldens in NEED.


OK, I'll see your 2 bags and 2 boxes and raise you a trip to the Vet and a Dental Cleaning!


How am I doing Meg?


Did you say "CHECK?" See the Treasurer!

Eli, you have them "Hooked" with your Charm!


THANKS, and come back again!


For an Evening filled with Fun, Excitement and the Satisfaction of Helping Goldens................

RUN, don't walk to Casino Night!!


When you return home and look in your Golden's eyes, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you helped some Golden that has been running around the streets needing food and medical attention and someone to Love them. AND, if you don't have a Golden at home, talk with the Wonderful people from G.R.I.N. Rescue and they will hook you up with a Golden pal that will give you Unconditional Love FOREVER.

Jordan and Payton


Visit our Golden Pals at G.R.I.N.



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