Recently Mom and Dad had to go visit a friend and Carly got to go. The only problem was that everybody got snowed in. Well, that didn't bother Carly. Usually not getting much snow, this was a special treat for Carly as you can see. We truly love showing the Love of a Golden.

Mike and Jordan

What a real Charmer. You have to fall in Love with this pose !

Are my friends coming too ?

Call me when Dinner's ready !

Good day for exploring.

I'm hiding, you can't see me !!

Found a scent !

Have to go deeper.

No, I didn't chew that twig !

Good thing I wore the winter coat !

Twig, what twig ?

What was that ?

This stuff smells fresh !

Ready or not....... I come !!

Yup ! Smells like Dad's footprint !

Nobody here.

I'm great at tracking !

Getting closer

Time to chew the twig !

Ah, they went this way !

This scent is real fresh !

Hey, somebody turn the lights on !

We just got this in of Carly as a Puppy
Very Sweet !!!


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