Hard to Port, or is it Starboard ?

You get points when you snuggle with the Captain !

Think I see Carly's house !

Hey, this is no time for a swim !

Ah, This is Great !

I see the house ! I see the house !!

Ok, now ease it up !

Yea ! My friends are here !!

Hey, what's on the stick ?

Hey, where did this human come from ?

Hey, you guys HOT ?

Yes !!

Lets go swimming !!

What's the water like ?

Great ! Where's the ball ?

Carly has it !

Olympic relay team !

Anyone seen the dryer ?

Here's a blanket !!

Girl, am I Pooped !!!!!

Hey, move over !

Anymore drinks ? Our tongues are hanging out !

All right, hurry up with the picture already !!

We'd like to thank our friends Marti and Joe for sharing their Goldens and also Carly's friends Laser, Gabby and Allie, and also for Jim as the Captain.

Mike and Jordan






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