June Lilly



Agility is a sport that anyone can do with their canine companion. With patience and persistance the rewards are endless. Your canine will build confidence, stamina and self control, not to mention the bond you will have.

Agility can be done at just about any age. Mom sent us these pictures and our Golden friend above learning the sport and is also learning responsibility with Kala, one of her canines. It's also a great character and morale builder. As the song (Rocky) says, she's striving for Perfection!

Up and Over, they do respond well to children. Don't they?

Is this a great action shot or what?? Ah yes, the Quest for the BEST!

We are very happy to report that June Lilly was invited to the mall where they were demonstrating Agility and under the guidance of her handler seen above, did the whole course OFF LEASH for the FIRST time using hand commands, and stole the show!!! After the show, people gathered around to ask many questions, and she answered very well. Congratulations on this GReat accomplishment!

Tail in the air, tongue hanging out! Two happy NINAS!!

I don't know about you folks, but this makes my heart very Happy!!

Under the guidance of Mom and the command, here is June Lilly walking the beam in training.



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