Once in our lifetime, something good happens. In this case, It is a GOLDEN named Smilingblueskies, known to JORDAN and I as, " The Blues Man " But as cruel as life may be, Smilingblueskies lost his life to Canine Cancer. My best friend, Suzi, has had a rough time too because of an illness. But the strong woman she is, she has dedicated her life to raising money for Canine Cancer Research.

On Sunday, August 11th, a walk to raise money for Canine Cancer was held on the East Coast and the turn out was great. But Suzi has a DREAM to have a walk on the West Coast next year the same time as the East Coast. This is a fun Idea and I am hoping my Canadian Buddies and My U.S. buddies can make this dream possible. We are in between both Coasts, but next year JORDAN and I are going to take a walk about town and send Suzi a donation which I know for FACT that she will get it to the Organization.

Suzi has Beautiful products that you can purchase on her Web Site www.smilingblueskies.com

If you can't take a walk, shop around and make her DREAMS come true.

Mike and JORDAN

BB King with Don, his Breeder Handler, and his WC (working certificate)

The following is a Plea for HELP ! Golden Retrievers were siezed recently in a horrendous case of Puppy Mill cruelty. They are currently in Foster homes. If you can help in any way For further information, please contact:

Barb Demetrick, Golden Rescue Board Chair: (905) 887-6746 or

Ruth Taylor, President, Golden Rescue: (613) 256-3476

This is currently for all our Canadian and American Friends. It's NOT nice, but you need to see these pictures.



I couldn't resist adding this picture. It's AUDI and RAINEY at the gate. AUDI was the love of BLUES life and RAINEY is his daughter. I think " The BLUES Man " would be VERY happy to have them on his page. Miracles, DO HAPPEN!

Mike and JORDAN

Maggie Ginger Bear

My dear friend Suzi, just adopted this beautiful 13yr. Golden. She said there's always room for one more ! Not too familiar with steps but with a Golden heart like Suzi's, she'll be able to conquer anything.

My, my, where do I start ? I have to share these beautiful GOLDEN finds with everybody. Today I recieved the candles I ordered from Suzi. They can be found at her Web Site wwwsmilingblueskies.com They are ceramic and are hand crafted, and excellent quality. They will last forever because you put a tea candle in the center to burn. I was totally shocked because for a little more money, she put my Golden Jordan on one of them. The resemblance is remarkable, she even got the hair under his nose starting to grey. Be sure to check out her Web Site for many Golden finds. These will be treasured for years to come. Many thanks again Suzi.

Mike and JORDAN

Thanks Dad, I'm proud of you because a portion of the cost goes to fight Canine Cancer.


BB King came home for the Holidays and we have a new picture to add, more to follow.


Maggie and BB King

Only Goldens can be this outgoing and LOVING !


Thinking about Blues.

Can you feel the LOVE ?



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