Just in time for the Holiday, If you'd like, click on the email link on the front page and if you can get your canine to dress up for the Holiday, I'll add your picture here. Send a jpeg and Name of your Companion.


Mark and Doreen have converted their house into a Dungeon!

Now, don't be scared, Payton!

Do I have to go in?

Where's Jordan when you need him?

Jordan, don't go behind the curtain!!

Hey Payton, should we leave Dad there?

Where's that Fog coming from?

Ahhhh, more victims!

OK, Who's next?

Thanks Mark and Doreen for having us over, and, Happy Halloween!

I forgot I had this photo. MEGGIE 8 1/2, LOGAN 14 1/2, LIBBY 10 1/2

Gas up the car and make sure it's ready to go!

It was tough in turn 4 with all the biscuits in the road!

Raise up the OIL Prices, I'm going to a Party this Halloween!

Hope there's PLENTY of TREATS!!!!

You think I chewed the Pumpkins!!

Looks fine to me!!

Hey, who's the clown behind us with no costume?

When I said my parents were show dogs, I didn't mean this!!!


Power Ranger on duty!

Can someone cut air holes for my nose?

Now, here's some real Hot Dogs!

Make sure you carve the right one!


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