Before we get started to the pictures, be it known to all who come to these pages that 99% of the GOLDENS have been rescued by these lovely people. It saddens ones heart to know that no one wanted these GOLDENS anymore. I'm sorry to be outspoken, but that's me. JORDAN and I say "Hats Off" to all these Wonderful people. Being from out of state, we were made to feel that we belonged there from the start. Pardon us if we can't remember all the GOLDENS names, but they are all in out HEARTS.

Mike and JORDAN


Where is everybody?

We're ready to cook!

Has anyone seen my GOLDEN?

Tom and Beautiful MOLLY

Hang on. they're ready!

I'm missing one!

Here we are!

How long do I have to wear this scarf?

Are you sure we have enough?

This is Fun!

OK guys, check the floor for crumbs!

OOOOOH, Keep scratching!

MOLLY wants a Biscuit!!!!!!!!

Turn me loose!

I'm leaving again! HA!

Mom has to go in first!

Everybody hold still!

Yeah, Right!

Hey, some of these guys are facing the wrong way!

Whoa, Hold them back!


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