When I first heard the story about Buddy, I felt sick. You see, Buddy's former owners took him to the groomer and then for whatever reason makes no sense, decided they didn't want Buddy anymore. Well, a friend of ours, Diane and her husband, recieved a call and they drove hundreds of miles to rescue Buddy and give him a life he deserves. Buddy has brought much happiness into their lives and just recently got sick for a few days when they went on vacation. Is that a BOND or what? JORDAN and I will be going to see Buddy soon so watch for the updates in the near future. Our hats are off to Diane and her husband for being the caring people that they are.

Mike and JORDAN

I was just informed that the groomer's name is Jo Beth. She is Diane's sister. She works with the Humane Society in Marion Indiana and has been finding homes for these precious animals. Our hats off to Jo Beth for the wonderful work she has been doing.


The joys of life! It's great to be wanted!

I'm waiting to play!

Are you coming?

Oooh, you caught me!

This is great!

Something good is cooking!

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